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High Visibility Flame-Retardant Stainless Steel Window Screen

High visibility flame screen mesh, flame-retardant window screen, window screen, insect/ mosquito/ bug screen, security window screen, screen fabric, screen mesh, metal window screen for wholesale!

Color: Black, white, gray

Weaving Pattern: Plain weave rough selvedge

Material: SS304, SS316

Product Description

Flame screen mesh

Flame screen mesh with high visibility is launching dedicated to the high-end window screen market. The flame screen mesh currently available on the market are mainly vinyl-coated glass fiber window screens, which have flame-retardant and fireproof functions, but not ideal for protection and can be easily destroyed by children, pets or intruders. To solve this problem, we set out to develop high visibility flame retardant stainless steel window screens.

Jiushen flame screen mesh is a kind of stainless steel flame screencan not only be flame-retardant, add another important layer of protection to your family and properties, but also can meet all your high-standard and high-protection requirements for high-end window screens—keep bugs, flames and intruders all out of your pravite areas!

Specification of Flame Screen Mesh

Color: Black, white, gray

Weaving Pattern: Plain weave rough selvedge

Material: SS304, SS316

Advantages of Flame Screen Mesh

  • Super protective function, while effectively blocking bugs, and the window screen will not be damaged by children, pets or intruders.

  • Excellent flame retardant performance.

  • Anti-aging, strong weather resistance, 10 years of super long service life.

  • Nice-looking, invisibility and good ventilation.

  • Easy to maintain and clean.

Wholesale Flame Retardant Fiberglass Screen by Jiushen: Proven Safety

At Jiushen, we take pride in offering a premium selection of wholesale flame retardant fiberglass screens that have undergone rigorous flame retardant testing. Our commitment to safety and quality assurance sets us apart in the market.

Our flame retardant fiberglass screens have been meticulously tested and have successfully passed industry-standard flame retardant testing. This comprehensive testing process ensures that our products meet or exceed the required safety standards, providing you with peace of mind for your residential or commercial applications.

Moreover, Jiushen extends its commitment to fire safety with our innovative stainless steel flame screen collection, adding an extra layer of durability and protection to your spaces. The combination of flame-retardant properties and the strength of stainless steel makes our screens a reliable choice for various settings.

Choosing Jiushen means opting for not just quality, but proven safety. Our flame retardant fiberglass screens, backed by thorough testing, offer you a reliable solution for fire safety without compromising on functionality or aesthetics. Embrace a secure and stylish environment with Jiushen's wholesale flame retardant fiberglass screens and stainless steel flame screens.

Flame Screen Mesh

Wide Application of Jiushen Flame Screen Mesh

● Dedicated for high-end window screen mesh market.

● Used in windows, doors & porches to prevent flames, bugs, while the screen can not be damaged by children, pets & intruders because of it's super protective function.

Flame screen mesh by Jiushen offers unparalleled versatility across a spectrum of applications, ensuring both safety and optimal visibility. Renowned for being the best window screen material for visibility, our flame screens redefine safety standards without compromising on clear views.

Jiushen's flame screen mesh, including the innovative stainless steel flame screen, has proven efficacy in various settings, from residential spaces to commercial buildings(offices,retail spaces) and industrial facilities. The flame screen mesh size is carefully engineered to balance fire safety and transparency, making it a reliable choice for diverse environments.

Our commitment to providing the best window screen visibility is evident in the design and quality of our flame screens. Jiushen's high visibility window screen options prioritize clarity, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views while ensuring your safety.

Whether you're securing your residential windows or enhancing fire safety in commercial spaces, public Spaces(public buildings, including schools, hospitals, and government institutions)Jiushen's flame screens stand out as a trusted choice. With Jiushen, experience the perfect blend of safety, visibility, and durability. Elevate your surroundings with the best in flame screen technology! Click here view more choices for window screen!

Jiushen Wire Weaving Co., Ltd. focus on manufacture and export of flame screen mesh for more than 20 years. With strong strength of research and development, Jiushen is able to provide you with flame screen mesh with best quality, application performance and low wholesale price directly from our factory in China. Our flame screen mesh will benefit you both in quality and before & after sales service. Contact us to get solutions from Jiushen to help you better in your projects!

High Visibility Flame-Retardant Stainless Steel Window Screen

Product Application Cases


  • High Visibility Flame-Retardant Stainless Steel Window Screen

    High Visibility Flame-Retardant Stainless Steel Window Screen


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