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Jiushen self-developed super epoxy mesh coating line was fully launched and put into operation!

Apr. 12, 2023

The R&D team of Jiushen applied the concept of Industry 4.0 to comprehensively analyze, summarize, and optimize the current production status and process pain points of epoxy mesh. At the same time, combined with the newly developed low-temperature fast curing epoxy powder coating, from project approval to construction and production, after 13 months this super epoxy mesh coating line CJTZX-20K was built with an efficiency increase of three times with quality control in one step! ( Production capacity of this super coating line is 5 million m2/year) 

Jiushen wire mesh

The specific advantages of this epoxy powder coating line are as follows:

1. Optimize the layout of the electrostatic spray gun and use multiple sets of inverted spraying to effectively solve the problem of coating uniformity and traditional spraying mesh hole blockage.

2. The integrated super recycling system, powder room self-cleaning system, and automatic stable feeding system can help to reduce powder coating waste and powder change cleaning time, and improve powder utilization rate to 99.9%.

3. Design dual workstations for receiving and discharging materials, adding automatic splicing and cutting system, combined with the ultra-long weaving ability of the substrate mesh to shorten the material changing time and frequency.

4. Add automatic material storage system to solve the problem of mesh creases and pollution caused by mesh roll replacement during epoxy powder coating process. 

5.Add epoxy coating speed and meter monitoring system to real-time control the accuracy of production process parameters.

6. Add multi-roller combined mechanical weft wire adjust and test system to comprehensively control the weft wire deformation. 

7. Multi-point temperature zone monitoring and adjustable heat exchange air duct system can effectively control the parameters of each temperature zone.

8. Add pre-treatment system for wire mesh preheating to eliminate surface grease and improve epoxy powder coating efficiency.

9. The new furnace body adopts frequency conversion suction activated carbon cleaning system, which can comprehensively improve the environment and safety of the production site.

10. Set up automatic deviation correction for receiving materials, which can achieve one-time tight roll-up.

Jiushen wire mesh

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