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Laboratory - effective guarantee of product quality

Sep. 01, 2022

According to the different uses of wire mesh products and the corresponding standard specifications, the properties of the finished wire mesh product include appearance, material, mechanical properties and chemical properties. However, the guarantee of these properties is determined by the mesh material and processing technology. How to verify the actual state of each process, corresponding measurement tools and test instruments to quantify the judgment is required. In addition to some conventional parameters, especially when the customer has special performance requirements for wire mesh products, only with effective measurement and testing capabilities can we ensure that the customer's requirements can be met.


Laboratory - effective guarantee of product quality

The basic testing instruments for wire mesh (including surface treatment) are listed as follows:

Serial#  Instrument               Function
1Manual Tensile Testing MachineTensile strength and elongation testing for wire below 0.16mm  diameter
2Electronic Universal TesterTesting of tensile strength, elongation, elastic modulus, welding strength and compressive force of wire and mesh of all diameters
3Digital MicrometerDetection of wire diameter and metal mesh thickness
4Vernier CaliperInspection of wire mesh thickness, opening size and mesh count
5Steel RulerWire screen width and deformation detection
6Roller Meter CounterWire screen length detection
7Electronic BalanceWeight inspection per unit length or area of wire and wire mesh
8Mesh Count TesterWire screen mesh count detection
9Electronic Magnifying GlassScreen mesh count, opening size, wire diameter and appearance inspection
10Spectro AnalyzerDetect the metal element content of the wire
11Carbon and Sulfur AnalyzerDetection of carbon and sulfur content of materials
12Salt Spray Aging TesterWire screen product (or surface treatment) anti-environmental aging test. For example: Epoxy Mesh
13Drying OvenTesting of high temperature and oil corrosion resistance for wire mesh product (or surface treatment). For example: Epoxy Mesh
15Impact TesterWire mesh (or surface treatment) impact detection - Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh.
16Cross Cut TesterWire screen (or surface treatment) adhesion testing - Epoxy Coated Mesh
17Pencil Hardness TesterWire mesh  (or surface treatment) anti-scratch detection - Epoxy Mesh
18Bending TesterWire screen (or surface treatment) elasticity testing - Epoxy Mesh
19Air Bubble TesterFiltration accuracy detection of wire mesh products

Through continuous improvement, Jiushen Wire Weaving has fully equipped the above basic test equipment, and has always maintained the principle of taking process quality control as the core.

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