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Epoxy Coating Peeling Off? - Epoxy Mesh Quality Problem Analysis and Preventive Measures

Nov. 30, 2022

Coating quality is an important and key indicator of epoxy mesh products, it is a direct reflection of the ability of the surface treatment process, and it mainly refers to adhesion and appearance. Adhesion has impact test, pencil hardness test, cross cut test, anti-fatigue test, bending test, anti-aging test and other detection methods in different dimensions; appearance mainly refers to roughness, cleanliness, and gloss, which are mainly inspected by microscope and gloss meter. The peeling off of the coating will cause pollution to the product and the environment where it is located, and at the same time cause damage to other corresponding components.


What Are the Main Factors Affecting the Quality of the Coating?

1. The Quality of the Epoxy Powder

Raw materials, processing technology, formula and storage conditions will have a great impact on the quality of epoxy powder coatings.The transportation and storage of epoxy powder coating (including recycled powder) must be kept between 0-35 ℃, with humidity below 60%. It is important to remember that there should be no direct sunlight, and the paint should be fully fluidized before use. At the same time, based on the particularity of the wire mesh products, the powder loading rate of the new powder is about 40-50%, and the powder loading rate of the recycled mixed powder is 20-30%. Therefore, the use ratio of the recycled powder should be less than 1/5 to maintain the performance.


2. Coating Process

The temperature and temperature holding time must meet the needs of the powder coating. Hot air circulation shall be used inside the curing furnace to stabilize the air flow, and direct heating is not suitable. When conditions permit, the furnace temperature tracker shall be used to repeatedly measure the curing furnace temperature during the season change. Effective temperature measurement points shall be set in each temperature zone to monitor the furnace temperature state. The spraying speed shall be adjusted according to the furnace temperature state to reach an effective heat preservation zone.


3. Cleanliness of the Wire Mesh Products

The cleanliness of the wire mesh directly affects the adhesion and appearance of the coating. During the processing of the wire screen, there will be some oil, impurity particles, debris etc., which must be treated before coating to ensure that it will not affect the adhesion between the coating and the wire mesh. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the wire mesh should not be too clean, too clean will affect the adhesion of the epoxy powder coating. 

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