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Many Uses of Copper Wire Mesh

Oct. 13, 2022

Copper mesh is also known as copper screen or copper wire mesh. The copper mesh is a square weave mesh that it woven by a copper wires which has great electrical and thermal conductivity. The copper is a malleable and soft material. A copper mesh is widely used as electromagnets interference. It can also be used as a shield for radio frequency interferences.  It is also used as a window screen or in different industries as filtration and separation.


Copper mesh are known to have long service lives and as a sign of wealth and prestige. It is for these features that they are usually used as decorative house facades in construction. They are also used as reliable and durable plastering reinforcement material for ceilings and walls.

Many Uses of Copper Wire Mesh


Uses of Copper Wire Mesh

Copper mesh is a square weave mesh that is woven together by copper wires, which helps provide a good electrical and thermal conductivity.  Copper is a very malleable and soft material which makes it easy to shape for many different uses.  Copper mesh can also be used as an electromagnetic interference, as well as being used as a shield for radio frequency interferences.  Many different industries also use copper mesh for filtration and separation.

Copper mesh is very well known to provide a sign of wealth and prestige that is why you will usually see copper mesh in a variety of decorative house facades in construction.  It is also used for durable plastering reinforcement material for ceilings and walls.

Copper wire mesh is one of the popular metals used because of its flexibility making it a great material for many industries. Its reddish-orange hue also makes it a nice choice in the architectural industry. Copper is resistant to corrosion caused by weather or atmospheric conditions, which also makes copper a great choice in telecommunication. The copper wire mesh melting point is set at 1083C. Copper is excellent for electric and thermal conductivity as well as ductility.

Copper wire mesh’s very nice color can create practical and decorative uses for homes and businesses, including fireplace screens, insect screens, gutter screens, and ways to protect your garden from pests including snails.



Copper meshes can be further classified into medium, fine and coarse wire mesh. This is of course depending on the wire specification. The medium copper mesh includes the meshes that are in the range of 12 x 12 meshes up to 40 x 40 meshes. The fine meshes include the 50 x 50 mesh, 60 x 60, 80 x 80 and 100 x 100 mesh. The coarse mesh on the other hand include 2 x 2 mesh, 4 x 4, 6 x 6, 8 x8 and 10 x 10 mesh.

Copper mesh can also be subdivided into three types depending on the materials that it is made up namely the purpose copper mesh, brass wire mesh and the phosphor copper mesh.


Purple copper mesh.

The material used is purple copper wire which is 99.8 percent pure copper. This mesh is non-magnetic and is able to bear the pressure in grinding. It is widely used during filtration of electron beam as well as in electron display screen.


Brass wire cloth or brass wire mesh.

Material used is brass. There are different proportions and one of these is the 65 brass. For this material, it has 65 percent while the zinc is 35 percent. Another brass is the 80 brass material which contains 80 percent of brass proportion with the zinc only 20 percent. The brass wire cloth is non-magnetic, has good ductility and is wear resistant. It can be used as porcelain glass and clay, filtering gas and liquid, powder, and is also used to screen different granules.


Phosphor mesh.

This is also the alias used for tin bronze mesh. The material that makes up the phosphor mesh is phosphor copper wire. The proportion is 85 to 90 percent copper and the tin is about 5 to 15 percent. The phosphor mesh is non-magnetic; it is able to bear the grind alkali and ache and is also ductile.


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Many Uses of Copper Wire Mesh

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