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Comprehensive Upgrade of Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh for Air Filters

Jan. 15, 2024

In order to improve the production efficiency of air filter elements, Jiushen launched the new generation of aluminum alloy woven wire mesh products with upgraded weaving process while ensuring the same filtration performance.

The traditional aluminum alloy woven wire mesh for air filters produced by China manufacturers adopts a hard warp and weft wire weaving process. After weaving and epoxy coating, the elastic modulus of the mesh is relatively high, so it’s not easy to form after pleating, and the pleats are unstable. This is mainly reflected in the fact that the pleating packs of the same pleats is very loose and needs to be extruded again. At the same time, the filter medium layer and the screen supporting layer are easy to separate. Causing low first pass rate of the pleating packs and loss of production time.


Based on the above reasons, according to the air filter production process (Multi-layer combination pleating of support mesh and filter medium) and the function of the supporting mesh, both to meet the support capacity of the mesh and to improve the one-time formability of the air filter pleat packs, Jiushen decide to upgrade the warp wire to soft wire to achieve the purpose of one-time forming effectiveness, and the weft wire will continue to adopt hard wire to maintain its support capacity. At the same time, the mesh holes are more uniform after upgrading, making it less likely to have large and small mesh holes, which helps to reduce the weaving defects and improve weaving efficiency by 10%.


The soft wire must be annealed at a certain temperature by on line annealing, which will make the wire softer with increase and uniform elongation.


Taking two layers of screen and one layer of filter medium as an example to compare the pleating effects, pls refer to the picture as attached here.


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Comprehensive Upgrade of Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh for Air Filters 

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